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BBA Program

A Bachelor of Business Administration is a three-year degree program that provides a fundamental
education in business and management principles. The degree offers a solid academic foundation and
practical management training that provides students with tools to successfully navigate a large or small
organization or a career in the public sector.

Career relevance and employability
This degree contributes to the career development of graduates of business studies in two main ways. First,
it develops both cognitive skills – critical thinking, analysis, paraphrasing and evaluation – and presentation
skills along with basic numeracy.
Second, candidates get to explore how business organizations think and work, and develop their
understanding of the function and contribution of such specializations as marketing, HR, operations and
finance. These skills and knowledge are recognized by employers as being of great value for work in
management and business or in specialist areas concerned with offering guidance to managers .The
degree is an innovative and accessible introduction to the world of business that equips one to choose from
a number of career paths.

Career Relevance and Employability
BBA Graduates are highly employable and find it easier to advance to upper levels of business
management. Employers seek business administration graduates for a broad range of positions from
business manager and sales representative to human resource manager and project planner.

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Candidates who have passed Class XII in any stream or
Candidates who have passed Class X and have successfully completed three years Diploma course
from a government recognized body.

The Program is made up of 24 Courses which may be completed within a minimum duration of 3 years and a
maximum duration of 6 years.

Internal Assessments
Each course in the program shall have an Internal assessment score based on assignments submitted
during the course (two per course), class participation, discussion, and internal tests.
The minimum percentage required in Internal Assessment is 40% per course. Any student securing
less than 40% in a particular course will not be considered eligible to write the End Term Examination
for that course and shall have to reappear for the assignments in the following semester.

External Examinations

Term end examination will be conducted twice a year by the University, as well as two Supplementary Examination Cycles.
Exams are conducted Online,using the ProctorEd Web Proctored Online Exams System. These exams can be taken from anywhere in the World.

The End Term Examination shall consist of Multiple Choice Questions and other Objective Question. and minimum percentage required to clear an examination is 40%.

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